Free On-Demand Webinar:
The Strategic Choice of Project Management Methodology


With Professors Yael Grushka-Cockayne and Gerald Starsia

Choice of project management methodology, i.e. how a project is planned and executed, is of strategic importance to a business. Ill-chosen methodologies are often cited as top reasons for why projects fail. Project management methodologies are often chosen at an organization level, not considering the specifics of a project at hand and rarely considering a combination of elements from multiple methods.  In this webinar, Professors Grushka-Cockayne and Starsia will provide an overview common project management methodologies (e.g. Waterfall, Agile, Critical Chain) and propose some important factors that should be considered when selecting a method, such as:

  • Industry in which the business operates
  • Type of project
  • Organizational culture

Project Management for Executives

Tuition: $3,450
12-13 April 2016
Washington, D.C. area

Virtually all businesses today run projects that are becoming extremely challenging due to increased product complexity and the need for cross-functional expertise. Project Management for Executives provides the language, philosophy and tools necessary to lead projects from inception through completion.

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