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The Executive Program (TEP): Your Personal Journey
Faculty from The Executive Program (TEP) share insights into what makes TEP "life-changing" and how the program is a personalized, holistic experience for each leader.

Who Should You Bet On? A Brief Analysis of Forecasting
Professors Robert Carraway, Yael Grushka-Cockayne and Casey Lichtendahl explore models used by political forecasting experts, the wisdom of crowds and understanding that what you don't know is as important as what you do know.

Leading Innovation in the Smart Machine Age
In the age of Smart Machines, innovation is becoming the primary way to differentiate your business. Join Professor Ed Hess to learn how you can lead innovation through your team with a learning culture that embraces experimentation and engagement.

Leading Mindfully: Showing Up as a Leader
Professors Lili Powell and Jeremy Hunter discuss how the quality of your attention is likely to affect the quality of your results as a leader. 

Leverage Difference Today
Go beyond the usual "managing diversity" paradigm to "leveraging differences" in order to transform your organization, with this complimentary webinar featuring Darden Professor Martin Davidson.

Leading for Creativity
Learn how to develop creativity on your team with techniques drawn from music, theater and writing. 

Leading Mindfully
Professors Lili Powell and Jeremy Hunter discuss the rising interest in mindful leadership and how managers and leaders can benefit from a few simple practices.

Exercising Power and Leadership
Learn how to truly influence and inspire your direct reports during this recorded webinar with Professors Kristin Behfar and Jim Clawson.

Personal Lean: The Relentless Pursuit of Eliminating Waste
Learn how you and your organization can leverage lean thinking, a process based on the Toyota Production System that will help you create more value by getting rid of anything that doesn’t advance your desired outcomes

The Executive Program: Becoming a Change Leader 
Top faculty from Darden's flagship senior leadership program answer questions about the transformational experience of The Executive Program

Five Questions to Develop Your Talent Management Strategy 
Join us for a complimentary webinar with Senior Associate Dean for Executive Education Scott Snell to learn five fundamental questions that will help you create an effective talent management strategy.


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