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Project Management for Executives
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Organizations increasingly rely on leaders at the executive and director levels to drive complex projects that are critical to the firm’s financial health and success. However, quite often the leaders who are responsible for project teams have little or no project management experience.

Project Management for Executives is designed for this purpose and provides the language, philosophy and tools necessary to lead projects from inception through completion.

This 2-day course is led by one of our most beloved faculty members, Professor Yael Grushka-Cockayne and is conveniently located in the Washington, D.C. area.
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Washington, D.C. Area
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This course is designed for leaders who manage complex projects but are not technical project managers (or PMI professionals).

Those who work in cross-functional teams, manage multiple initiatives or are responsible for delivering results on defined strategies will benefit from this course.




During this two-day program, we will consider project selection and portfolio management, planning and organization, scope and requirements determination, control, network analysis, and Monte Carlo simulation for project risk analysis. Topics covered will include resource allocation, project monitoring, and project contracting the goal of which is to prepare participants for the planning and execution of large-scale projects. The instructors will lead a discussion of the continuum of project management frameworks from traditional to agile and the many interactions in between; and, the challenges of managing projects as an entrepreneur and those associated with managing global, multinational projects including how to manage an entire portfolio.  Finally, we will raise your awareness of behavioral decision-making biases that come to play in project settings. Using a vibrant, interactive, case-based discussions, we will address these topics from a strategic and decision-oriented perspective using a broad set of industry domains such as construction, website and software development, new product development, pharmaceuticals, and event planning. 

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The course will provide a deeper understanding of:

  • Fundamentals of Project Management: lifecycle, project management continuum: (traditional - agile), setting project objectives, scoping a project, scheduling projects (fundamentals of networks), resource allocation optimization and heuristics, project control, overview of project management tools.
  • Organizing Projects: conceptual design, estimating and scheduling, and contracts.
  • Risk and Uncertainty: risk identification and uncertainty theory, assessment for international projects, risk mitigation strategies, managing trade-offs in a high-risk environment, planning schedule and costs in light of uncertainties, momentum, failure and recovery.
  • Portfolio and Project Selection: Portfolio > Program > Project. Project selection and coordination and linkage to business strategy.
  • Project Planning and Human Behavior: human behavior biases, psychological safety and behavioral operations, the planning fallacy and its possible remedies.
  • Agile Planning and Estimation: the need for an iterative process, the Agile and Kanban methods, implementing Agile in a global, multinational setting.
  • Competencies for PMs: project management competencies, leadership personality factors, performance-based competencies, global performance-based competencies.
  • Leadership and the Project Manager: project champions, stakeholder theory, how the project manager leads, team building and motivating teams,  managing multinational project teams, and public/private.
  • Leading Complex Virtual Teams
  • Global Issues: managing multinational teams, global risk, success factors for global teams and a survey of unique project management methods.

Tuition & Certificates

$3,450 covers materials and meals.

By taking this course, you will earn a half credit toward a Certificate of Specialization.