Darden Executive Education in D.C. 

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To stand out in our fast-paced, hyper-connected world, you and your organization need to lead at a global scale. Darden Executive Education is pleased to bring world-class professional development to the hub of global business and government — Washington, D.C. Executive Education programs and events offered in Washington, D.C., help top corporations, government agencies and nonprofit organizations address current business trends, understand global concerns and develop skills in areas that are key to success in our globally connected world.

Whether you participate in our Washington, D.C., programs or come to learn with us in Charlottesville, you'll enjoy the same personal, immersive educational experience led by the No. 1 ranked faculty in the world.

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Washington, D.C. Programs 
Excellence in Communication: Presenting as a Leader
11–12 October 2017

Darden Executive Education and The Communication Center have partnered to combine academic excellence with communication coaching expertise in this interactive two-day course. Harness exceptional communication skills to deliver confident and successful presentations, lead panel discussions and inspire your team to work towards common goals.

  • Practice giving presentations and handling audience questions on-camera with real-time review and feedback from communications experts
  • Hone your ability to develop an engaging and persuasive message and adjust for varying audiences
  • Adapt your new communications tools for a variety of business purposes, including sales, negotiation, managing your team and more

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Darden Business Essentials 
Upcoming Dates TBD

Designed for young professionals, this program introduces business fundamentals in the functional areas of Accounting, Finance, Operations and Marketing. Whether you are thinking about getting an MBA and would like an introduction to business school or you need real-world business skills that can be adapted to fit current career needs, this eight-week online and in-person hybrid course is a perfect option for you to learn without putting your life on hold.

  • Gain firm knowledge of key business practices required to work effectively in cross-functional teams
  • Expand professional network through collaboration with classmates and faculty.
  • Position yourself for increased career trajectory with an elevated readiness to move into key leadership positions.
  • Prepare to pursue an MBA.

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Strategic Sales Management
Upcoming Dates TBD

Exceed your targets, foster long-term growth and increase your bottom line when you create customized sales goals in sync with long-term corporate strategy. This program is designed for sales managers who want to establish winning ground rules for profitable strategy, as well as experienced leaders looking to fast-track their sales careers.

  • Share your sales pitches, pipelines and motivational tactics with experts in the field who will provide individual feedback to sharpen them and help you define the most effective practices for your sales force.
  • Learn how to maximize existing resources, identify and attract your most profitable customers, and track your progress against internal and competitor benchmarks to improve your process over time.
  • Create an actionable sales management strategy that aligns with corporate strategy and revenue targets.

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Washington, D.C. Events
Innovation Summit

Executive Education hosts an annual Innovation Summit in the Washington, D.C., area, featuring presentations and workshops led by Darden faculty members, focusing on key innovation issues such as disruption and enabling innovators. Participants include executive education clients and contacts, Darden alumni and other regional business leaders involved in innovation for their organizations.

Sponsorships & Partner Events

In addition to hosting our own annual event, Executive Education often partners with organizations to co-host or sponsor events and conferences in the area. Examples of recent and upcoming events include the Washington Business Journal 2017 Innovation Awards, the annual Mindful Leadership Summit, the Women Building Bio Conference with Virginia Bio, and a Women Who Lead panel breakfast with Washington Business Journal.

Online & Custom Programs
Online Courses

Darden Executive Education’s goal is to deliver the world's best educational experience, whether it's face-to-face or virtually. Our online courses allow participants to experience our signature high-engagement learning environment, no matter their location. The new Specialization in Design Thinking and Innovation program empowers you to become a creative catalyst with a systemic approach to innovation in the workplace. This hands-on training in the core principles of design thinking and leadership will help you solve your most complex business challenges. The specialization consists of four 5-week courses, which you can take individually or complete all four courses to recieve your specialization.

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Custom Solutions

Custom learning solutions developed through Darden provide a high level of accessibility and attention from the curriculum designers and faculty. Our development process ensures that your organization receives the optimal solution to address your specific challenges and needs in key areas of enterprise leadership, growth and innovation, strategy, globalization and market focus. And we can bring the Darden experience to you, whether it’s on the other side of the world, in multiple locations or online. Our goal is to facilitate ongoing engagement so you can maintain consistent success over the long-term.

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